Introduction From Black Kennedy

I dedicate this blog to the innocent Kenyans who lost their life on the on-going political violence on this black land Kenya. I will also not forget the great black and white martyrs who died for the redemption of the Mother land Afrika. Their message was ” Afrika for Afrikans” and we have to keep their fire burning and we continue on where they left until we reach our destination.

The time has come where by the whole world must hear my voice as I cry from the wilderness of Kibera. My cry will not go in vain and my cry is louder because its being supported by the others and now we are crying together. We are on a journey that nothing will stop us from moving. If the cry of my brothers and sisters in Kibera is louder then the world must hear us. We need the attention of the world and Black Kennedy is just a volunteer commander to lead the cry. I give my life and time for my people until our voice is heard and action taken.

This blog is my journal. You will hear the voice of a common man from this blog, the experience that we poor people pass through and how we cannot give up with life. We shall learn from each other, teach other and learn from one another. I call upon the poor and the rich to share their experience with us. I call upon great youths who lives and stays in the Slums a round the world to come out and share with us. I need you so much because if our cry is combined then we can be louder and take the attention of the world. We can work together and solve the social injustices that we encounter in our daily life in the ghettos.

I also call upon the SHOFCO family, SHOFCO Volunteers and SHOFCO friends to come out and share how SHOFCO and Kibera Community had taught them a lot in life. Many people around the world has been sending me emails and what to know a bout my life, now they will be happy that I man have a blog. I will try to update my blog now and then because this is a true voice of the world.

My people I have a question for you but first I have to thank our great Kenyans leaders. I man from the heart of the biggest slum in Africa big up to President Kibaki and Honorable Agwambo Raila Odinga. This men are great and decided to work together in solving the current political crisis in our beloved beautiful country. Yesterday this great Leaders came out clearly that they are solving the problem. Now I think they don’t need no more blood of innocent Kenyans. I man will not forget a great intelligent smart humble son of Africa called Koffi Annan. This man is a real peace maker and the whole Africa is proud of him. I black man is very happy that African are solving their own problems by them self. I fear that Babylon might get involve and they will turn our country to be like Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Sudan etc. They might think they are solving but just bringing more trouble to our Land as they did in other countries. Kibaki and Odinga are smart and they will not allow that. Kenya is the chosen country in Africa and the Most High will not allow the country to go down.

This is my question to the world? Why the the poor people suffer most in any trouble of the country. Why Kibera my home? Why do the police kill the innocent in I man home Kibera? Kenya was on fire burning but who suffered and how long shall we suffer? I ask who will stand up and fight for the money less people? Who will stand up and help the people of the Most High? Who is the shepherd in our time? Great man Garvey was the shepherd in in 1920’s and Martin Luther in 1960’s and Nelson Mandela in 1990’s. Now who is our shepherd as innocent Kenyans continue to die? The world is becoming crazy and if Dr.Marcus Garvey can rise from the grave and see what is happening in the land he died for… I think he will prefer to die again and rest instead of seeing.

When I was in Kibera seeing the innocent dying from the sprayed bullets by the Police men. My heart jump out and I wanted to die with my people. I saw a baby playing not understanding the politic in country and he was an humble baby but he met the bullet on the way. Oh God..whats happening under the sun? Where are the Angels? Now we need them. My friend Joshua was also killed by the bullet and he was just from work. Joshua rest in peace, I man think of you. The police also shot my dog, my brave dog, my dog did not want them to enter into our Ghetto Kingdom and they just shot Chui (means Leopard in Kiswahili).

Kibera was hell and people have to be a wake the whole night to protect themselves from militia gangs like Mungiki that would just come and attack them at night. The day I was suppose to spend my night in Kibera is the day Mungiki killed ten Luo’s in my village in Kibera. That was the exact place that I man was suppose to rest and be with my people. I man will not forget my black Queen Jessica Posner. We argued on phone that I should not step on Kibera that day. She was I prophet and she saved black man life . Black man is a radical person but that time I took her advice. Thanks Jessica for your advice that saved I man life. You are the prophet of the Most High and you were used to save the life of I man. Respect Sister for your hard work!

I cried to see my Community Organization going in vain, seeing the HIV/AID’S infected women suffering and they cannot access their ARV’s drugs. This are the women I really dedicated my life for them, they are call SWEP Women which means SHOFCO Women Empowerment Project. I man was supported my a great woman nick named mama SWEP for her work to SWEP women. This humble woman is called Deb, Keep up Deb we respect you so much. She is still helping this women with another good woman known as Emily or grandma from American Friends Of Kenya. Thanks for supporting the SHOFCO Olympic Office that became the another small refugee camp in Kibera.

Big-up friends, Sisters and brothers for your support and prayers during our time of trouble, may the Most High be with you always.

Honestly what happened in Kibera was unbelievable. Great people of the world, Imagine I black man have spend more than 20 years in Kibera, now I am 23 years old. I have not seen what I saw in our ghetto its horrible brethrens and sisthrens but I will share with you. We always live like brothers and sisters with our neighbors. Here all are poor and we need each other. We have many tribes in Kibera but I know only two tribes that are the poor and the rich. We are discriminated and thats why the poor live in the slum while the rich live like kings and queens in their paradise.

But what made black Kennedy mad was that a poor man killing a poor man! why that? In Kibera, kikuyu killing the luo’s and the luo’s killing the kikuyus. This black people have been living like one family and suddenly they fight because of political interest. I man was sad and not happy. I always spread peace and i want peace and I also want justice for all. I cried as the people I know fighting each other. I wanted to die like them why should i man live while the innocent dying. My heart was broken and Jessica was still convincing me that Kennedy the world need you and please don’t take any risk. I respect her a lot ! Thanks for being there for me.

In my neigbor hood I used to live with my fellow Kenyans who are Kikuyu’s but right now they were evicted. The same happened in another village in Kibera called Laini saba where it has being conquered by Kikuyu and the Luo’s there were circumcised to death. I saw what a human being should not see. In Kibera people call me MAYOR and the gangs provided the security to their Mayor. They vowed that Mayor should not die because he is a target. I did not want the security as my heart was not with my body. Why my security while others are dying like chicken.

My Organization was the most affected because it was with different tribes who had leadership position. Our Organization is called SHOFCO(Shining Hope For Community). SHOFCO Chairperson was Joseph Kibara(kikuyu), Vice Chairperson was Mary Mutio(a Kamba), Secretary Rachel Aricha( a Kisii) and Treasurer Nicholas Masivu( A kamba). Not only that SHOFCO has what we call Departmental Leaders and Project Leaders who are also from different tribes. That how I man was affected with my work for humanity.

They have to run for their life and thats how SHOFCO a grass root Organization formed by the poor youths. Kibera people for Kibera and thats what my Organization is doing. Big up to Collins who told I that Black Kennedy don’t give up, I am with you until we accomplish the work of the Most High. SHOFCO is like a burning fire that will not be stopped. It was formed with no money but with a call and passion. We shall do our work with money or without money.

SHOFCO is now asking the poor kibera people to donate something for our sisters and brothers who are homeless. We are not waiting for big humanitarian Organization because they will wait for media to come and publish what they are doing. I man Organization is an indigenous Organization that always work practically. We always start before the world gets involved. Now we are working with other youths in the slums to support our people. People of the world we need your support and don’t let our voice go in vain. My message to you now, please the people who can afford the daily meals please please don’t waste the food and don’t throw it away. I man will be mad with you, just buy enough for yourself and your family. We live in a place where we don’t have daily meals and right now the poor are suffering most. They don’t have enough meals oh gosh..babies are crying for mil but mama is not eating well for the baby to have milk. This is how we live but we shall never say die. Please nice kids and youths of the world don’t ever crey for your papa and mama that you need new clothes or toys. Hey you are lucky to have one but here we don’t even have the old ones and nobody we can cry to. I told you this blog is a teaching and learning blog. My people don’t throw a way those used clothes someone some where needs them. I speak as a person who is poor and works with the poor and lives in Kibera.

My people we should not love our selves so much, why can’t we remember others. I don’t stop you from going to holidays but please think of others not only kibera or SHOFCO. Do you know where happiness comes from? I man is poor but really a happy and free man. Happiness will only come when you have done something to humanity. If I remember how I gave food to a hungry baby in Kibera that a lone makes I man happy. Why can’t you take two seconds and remember those who died in Kenya innocently. You don’t have to give money and materials you can even use your smile to a hopeless homeless person. They will appreciate and the Most High will be happy. I swear no happiness if you are against humanity. I will do my best to humanity because I know the secret of doing good to the people who need it most.

I black Kennedy will stop from here. I have a lot to write but I have started the journey of sharing with the world and I can’t stop on the way. Hey people share with me no matter where you come from we are all the Children of the Most High.

Yours Black Kennedy,

Motherland Afrika.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alberto on February 9, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Ken,
    I believe that this blog is one of the many great things you’re doing!
    say hi to everyone at SHOFCO and SWEP.



  2. Posted by Victoria Doobay on February 9, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    You inspire me, and I tell all my friends and family about you and your courage and passion all the time. I want to help out in any way I can, please let me know how I can. I pray and think about Kenya so much, and I truly love you and what you are doing for your country.



  3. Posted by katy savard on February 9, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all…
    Stay Strong and Keep Up the Great Work!!!

    I hope soon we will see each other again!

    New York.


  4. Posted by Anne Chege on February 11, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Hey Kennedy a true man a man of the people you are a role model to many ,both black and white ,keep up man and continue saving many soul with your sweet teachings , and your helping hand which never gets tired.

    Anne Chege,

    Head of Environment & Sanitation Department,
    Nairobi, Kenya.


  5. Posted by Ras Bravo on February 11, 2008 at 11:25 am

    Big-up Brother Kennedy,

    You man a true Rasta and only the wise will understand your Black Afrikan English.
    I man proud of you, keep up the good work.

    Ras Brayo,


  6. Hi, I know Mr. Kennedy of SHOFCO. We were collegemates and I am sure he likes peace. According to my estimates and projections I see he will be good in politics. Probably he will rise to be Kenyan president or an MP. He really cares for the sick young and aged. I wish him well.


  7. Posted by Rasta Raymond on February 11, 2008 at 11:56 am

    Jambo Black Kennedy,

    I man know you brethren, I love your Latin American African English. That’s our real language in the ghetto. I love your message in the blog, let the world understand.

    We are behind you!

    Raymond Mwash,
    Mathare Slums,


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