Greetings People,just current political news in Kenya

We are seeing the bright future in Kenya. Today morning I went to Serena hotel where the peace talk is taking place. I was invited by journalist friend Collins. It was cool men and I man smelled peace by far.

Honorable Raila and President Kibaki are willing to solve the problem soon as possible. They agreed that this political crisis can only be solved politically and not judiciary as government used to say. I think of few options that they might share power and create the post of Prime minister. But not all in ODM is ready for that, I also realized that their will be no re run for presidential elections as ODM supporters are pushing for that.

Tomorrow Tuesday the team will meet with members of Parliament and brain storm. Its just an informal meeting. While in Serena hotel i met different European and North American Ambassadors. I man think there was a big meeting taking place about the crisis in Kenya.

Now Rwanda, Congo,Uganda are mostly affected because they lack goods as they were all relying on goods from Kenya. Companies and business community are also requesting for a quick solution.

My message is that peace is on the door step!

One Love,

Black Kennedy.


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