Nothing but Human Heart

Jambo my people,

I want to share some thing with you, its a food for our thought. I man is a free man and I don’t discriminate anyone. We are all children of one person. different colors one people.

We have the same blood and we should respect each other. I feel bad when people talk evil against another person because of color. I know only two different people and they are the rich and the poor. The rich want to be more richer while the poor remains poorer.

I have to admit that people who helped me most are white and I know we have good people from Babylon and evil people from Babylon. You can also find evil people in Afrika and we should not judge a book by its cover.

Many good white people suffer in silent and we should not run a way from the truth. I have met few good people from Babylon. They always share with me and I share with them. When this people try to do something good in African, many to do not understand them and just push them down by words like: You are not an African do you think you can save Africa? You are rich and you don’t understand Africans? I don’t like such people. To do humanitarian work does not require you to be a black person. Its only need a human heart not an animal heart.But keep in mind that we should obey and respect the Afrikan Culture thats the most important thing.

I want to assure the world that its was not Blacks a lone who fought for freedom of the Black race. Honorable Garvey was not a lone with blacks when he fought, Martin Luther was not a lone, they had good white people who were helping our race.

My fellow Africans and others should keep off from the poison words that will kill good spirit of humanity. You can do anything in Africa as long as you have human heart. slave masters did not have human heart and thats why they were mistreating our great grandparents.

I have discussed that topic with different people who really feel down on what they offer because people cannot appreciate. I know its easy for Black Kennedy for people to overstand him because he lives and stay in Kibera slums. But that should not be an issue as long as anybody can do her/his best.

As long as you are not misusing our people you are free to do anything. SHOFCO has been inviting volunteers and they really do great work in our community. Don’t fear people who think can put you down just because you are white and doing great things, they are just jealous of you because soon you shall create an history.

Do my people know this man who share the same birth date with me. This man is a white great man and I admire him. I hope you people understand history. This man helps to abolish the slave-trade. The name is Honorable Captain John Brown another name is Abolitionist. He was from Kansas. I will not tell you what he did but he was a great man. Because he was fighting for Blacks freedom some people nicknamed him mad man.

Historians agree John Brown played a major role in starting the Civil War.His role and actions prior to the Civil War, as an abolitionist, and the tactics he chose still make him a controversial figure today. He is sometimes heralded as a heroic martyr and a visionary.

Now we should not create hatred on each other because we know John Brown a great white man.

Lets work together in doing good, if you are doing the right thing the power of nature will always protect you. I hope you people love my message.


Black Kennedy.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pauline on July 3, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Hi Ken, it’s been a long time you wrote your blog. I hope you are fine???? It’s great your share your thoughts with the world. I hope to see you soon, since I will be coming to Kenya this August. I also send you an email. Best whishes & Big hug from your dutch sister Pauline


  2. Pauline, you may have better luck contacting Kennedy at


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