Paving the way for the future Leaders

I have been following the kenyan politics with keen eyes. Kenya is becoming a democratic nation, day by day. I send my appreciation to the Kenya parliamentarians for the work they have been doing over the last few weeks. I still urge them to do more and more because the time has come for the real change.

Recently Parliament had toppled Mr.Ringera the boss of anti-corruption machine who has done less than expected by many. Parliament has proved to be powerful than the President of Kenya. This is a new era where president cannot use his/her power to appoint their friends for material benefits as they used to do.

I can see a future and hope for many kenyans. I see big changes between now and five to ten years to come. The real change will not come now because the system is being prepared for the change to come. Young people are now preparing themselves for the future leadership of Kenya. I can see how ready they are, just waiting for the red light.

The young generation of this time are the people who will bring real change to our country. I’m impressed for the preparation which has been taking place. They are paving the way for the future leaders. Now I feel  proud to me a kenya than ever.

I still emphasize, that thefuture of kenya is in the hands of the kenyans and they are the only people who can deliver the country. They have power to push parliament, the can even push the executive power because the power comes from the grass root level. I wish people knew how much power they had. The international community can only offer a hand of help and support to the Kenyans but the big role depends on the kenyan people. My country Kenya can go far in terms of developments but this will come when kenya will stand us one despite different tribes. this will come when Kenyans will see each other as kenyan and not as a luo or kikuyu, that will be the time that the politicians will have no chance to divide and rule. We don’t want tribe chiefs, we want national figures.

I can foresee a bright future, where the kenyan communities will rally behind one leader, whom they believe in and they don’t care about the their tribes. They will care about what a person can deliver than their tribes. The tribe issues will come latter and that will be the time for real change. A time that I will see a my fellow kenyan as a brother and a sister and be able to talk as kenyans.

I look forward for that day that is coming soon. The day must come because it will be cause by many reasons. I can see struggle and poverty that will unite Kenyans, they will need a leader who will deliver them from this bondage. They will say that Kikuyu, Luo, and other tribes share the same common goal.

I can smell that day, and its coming soon!


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  1. Posted by Mary Costa on October 1, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    God Bless You Kennedy…The Day Will Come


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