Wesleyan: Home Away from Home

Dear friends,

I’ve been quite busy with academic work and the projects in Kenya. I thought would be nice to talk about my University, the institution that gives me  light and hope in life. I thought it would be important for the world to know about WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY in Middletown, Connecticut.

Wesleyan University has been my home, my family, and is the place that I feel safe and comfortable. It would be sad to say that Wesleyan has been even more better than Kibera, which is true. I say this because while I was living in Kibera slums, I didn’t feel comfortable anytime I was out of Kibera. The society perceived me as a poor person who had nothing good to offer. I was discriminated against and I felt that I was a third class citizen in my own country. I had no hope or anything good to look forward to in my life. I saw destruction and emptiness all around me. I never knew there was another world that existed like Wesleyan. At Wesleyan, we are all equal. No one cares if you come from rich or poor family.

Wesleyan is a great place to be, especially if you are an international student who wants a family. I’ve been at Wesleyan for almost a year and I love the institution day by day. Wesleyan does not give quick answers to their students, Wesleyan opens your mind to see to things in a different angles. Wesleyan opens your mind to reason. I’m lucky to be at this institution.

The professors at Wesleyan are also amazing and they have time for each student. They also want their students to excel in everything they are doing. I’ve have developed personal connection with many Professors at Wesleyan because they are open and always ready to listen. They want to hear everything and ready to offer what they think. Wesleyan is a place that unlocks your mind from mental slavery, Wesleyan sets our mind free from the box. I always say.” Wesleyan makes me think out side the box”. There is no place that I can compare with Wesleyan. Lets not speak about activism! Students here are engaged in everything and they are always on the top of the national and local issues.

I’ve learned a lot from Weslesleyan, I’ve learned how to give speeches from Wesleyan. To be honest, I didn’t know much about climate and environmental issues until I came to Wesleyan. Now am fully equipped about the climate change and I’m doing something on the ground. I’ve started to make Kibera slums green, the SHOFCO youth  group is planting trees in Kibera slums especially in the informal schools in Kibera. We have started an initiative of adopt a tree, each and everyone in Kibera slums are encouraged to own a tree and take care of it and that will help our world. Kibera slums is overpopulated with more than 1.3 millions inhabitantants in an are the size of central park in New York. We hope many people will adopt trees and turn our slum into green world. I’ve learned those kind of ideas from Wesleyan University.

Wesleyan has the best parities ever, that I’ve come across and at the same time they do well in classes. Wesleyan students are the best in balancing their time. Wesleyan is a unique place to be and am lucky to be at Wesleyan, its such a great family of people. The Wesleyan Aluminias are always ready to help any kid from Wesleyan. I’ve got the opportunity to meet most of them and their encouraging words are still in my heart.

I hope the world can now understand why I love Wesleyan. I’m an Wesleyan by blood and if you cut my body, the blood will be Wesleyan. The institution has a special place in me. I’m especially grateful for the parents I’ve found that I’ve never had before like my Professors Rob and Alice.

Thanks Wesleyan for changing my life!


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