Challenge The System

Every day of my life I get worried with how the world is revolving itself around the system. The system is killing the weak, the system is on the side of the powerful ones. My friends always ask me what I mean by system? The system is invisible but you can see its causes. The system is what I refer as the engine of  capitalism. Anyway I’m not Marxist, but am worried because the system can be only be efficient when the weak are exploited. Let me explore the causes of the system that the world is undergoing through:

The war in Congo is part of the system, the system will never allow a stable government in Congo, it will never allow peace in that country. While the war is going on, the natural products of Congo land can be turned into computers, phones,rings and other valuable item  that make the life easier for the powerful people. They can sit and chat on skype, type on laptops, chat on face books in the expense of the blood in Congo. What will happen if Congo get its peace? I swear the system will be slightly affected. The computers will be expensive, ring will be too much expensive because the people of Congo will want their stake on their natural resources. Its painful to say that we all in the West are benefiting from the system, you like it or not, the system make your life easier.

How can we fight the system? I think we cant fight the system and win. That’s a big battle that we cant think about. We can challenge the system in an individual way or as a collective way. The only way we can challenge the system is by thinking of the weak, that the system is against and has disadvantaged. The weak that the system has denied a better life, denied a better education, denied food, denied freedom and denied the basic human needs. I beg you, not to speak too  much about the weak and yet you are doing nothing. That’s a major crime, action is the best weapon to challenge the system. I would urge people to join the grassroot movements that are trying to have an impact in a smaller community.

The system doesn’t care about the individual, its care about the scale. So if you think in terms of helping a smaller community then you  are far much better  challenging  the system than the people who think of scalability. The idea of scalability was introduced by the system to confuse the world. Let me be clear about scalability. the scalability means nothing or an objects that are not humanized. A good example “thousands of people are dying in Sudan.” What do you think about that statement? It looks like its normal for them to die. And that’s what the media will do, because main stream media works for the system. Another example, ” A woman is raped and killed in Sudan as we are now talking.” Honestly this message is powerful and it can catch attention of many people. And you can see how we could have an impact on individuals than masses. Thats why I care less on people who are telling us that their project help transforms the life of millions of people, that mean they do nothing. Think about United Nations and the main stream capitalist organizations when they talk about their work for the weak, they’ll sit drink, laugh in a conference and then talk about how they impact millions. So, we should be very careful with the system, its there to confuse you and to dehumanized the weak.

I believe if people like me who are poor can get more opportunities and share it with the world, then the system will shake. I shaked the system when I got my scholarship to study in America. The system was confused instead of confusing me. Now am building schools and hospitals in Kibera slums and the proponent of the system are not happy with me. The system argued with  me,” poor people will remain poor and the rich will continue to be richer” and I said ” I’m sorry system, you can’t ruin my life as you ruined the life of my ancestors and I’ll face you and challenge you very smartly.”

Please join me and support my small work that we are doing in Kibera. Follow me on twitter and lets make a movement that will always challenge the system you can see much of my work by visiting:

Peace and be conscious. Don’t forget on fighting the system by thinking of the weak plus ACTION

Black Kennedy


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