Voice of the People

Hi Kennedy,
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the article that you recently wrote about slum tourism. Since I travel the world, I always see people taking photos of poor people before (or without) having any discussion with them. And that makes me so sad…and angry too. So thank you again and may Peace be upon you
Aabla (France)

Dear Kennedy

hello, you do not know me, I am an Italian girl who lives in Milan, I read your article in The New York Times … I found this very beautiful, I traveled a lot in my life, I was in Africa and other countries I saw with my own eyes, things that I did not think were possible, and returning home, I brought only sadness, I realized that the world is not only the small part that I see from my window. when I travel, I will limit myself to see a museum or a picture frame the landscape, but to talk to people who live there, because I think the true journey is into the hearts of people, and go home with their words or their tears on the palm hand … and I know how a small gesture can count a lot, like you harbor a dream in my heart, and is the world’s largest, to erase all the bad things that man destroys himself, I wish you succeed in everything you believe. I hope you understand, do not speak your language well

Martina (Italy)

Hi Ken,
My favorite professor and mentor sent me your New York Times article:

It is beautifully written in articulate gripping language. You definitely have are a gifted writer and am sure you have many more other gifts.

2 things, Please check out our alliance http://www.hendeavor.org/

It will be greatly enriched by your presence.
Also I hope you are not creeped up by my searching you on facebook (I was being resourceful.)
You have inspired me and my friends and best wishes in all you do.



I read your article in today’s NY Times and wanted you to know that I thought it was excellent. I wish you the best with respect to your efforts to alleviate poverty in your native land. It is through people like you that real and lasting change can come.
John Ensign
Shirley, Massachusetts

Hello Kennedy! I’m an italian journalist and I’ve just read an article of you about poverty’s tours on Repubblica’s Newspaper. I really appreciate it and I agree with yout thesis. All my best

Hey Kennedy,

This is Lizah from Kenya. I just finished reading your article, “Slum Tourism.” The story you tell is heart wrenchingly unfortunate, but it is the hall mark of the NGO world. This past summer I interned with USAID so I could gain practical experience before I do an economic empowerment project with women SGBV survivors in Mt. Elgon (which is also my home). The feeling of exposure you talked about resonates with me. I felt it every time I took British and American visitors around our silent hills. (I’m sure you’re familiar with the events that rocked Mt. Elgon from 2006-2008)

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a good job and I would like to know you and what you more. I go to Swarthmore College in PA. I came here under a program called Kensap, founded by an American to help disadvantaged but bright kids from Kenya secure scholarships in top American schools. Perhaps you know Immanuel Lokwei. He goes to Wesleyan and he’s your year. We came under the same program. He’s a hard core rasta kid with crazy dreads.

I hope I can get to know you more and hopefully we can bounce ideas back and forth on how we can help change our communities back home. I’m still in the process of designing my project and your story has given me a strong push.

Hugs from Kenya!


Hi Kennedy, no we dont know eachother. I read your article for my anthropology class and it was very moving, i cant even explain how it has altered my perspective. Thank you for accepting my friend request 🙂 You have a good day as well!!



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