Juggling between Two world

We all know life is a game. You can win or lose, you can learn and be good at it and therefore there is no failing. This is why I say if you fail you win and if you win you win. In this game we usually have two players: the fools and the wise. The fools fail and fail, but the wise fails and learn. Failing for a wise man is an experience and preparation for the battle ahead.

I am is juggling between two world. They are totally different world but I have to learn how to survive. In one world there is dictatorship and they expect you to behave and live as they do or as they command. They are trying through all means as they want me to forget my roots. I don’t  wanna live like them, and thats the problem, because to survive you must be like them. I man have to be-careful as am fighting the “mental slavery.”

The other world is a world of poverty. In that society I lived without hope and therefore it was not a perfect world. It was a world whereby to have basic needs was a dream that was difficult to achieve. I come to conclude that there is no better world. How can I survive if the whole world is screwed-up?

In order to survive. I have created my own world and I therefore find it much better than before. It took me much time to realize that we can all create our world. I man invented a formula of living a happy life in a happy world. The world is I, and I can determine the person I want to be. I have to think positively each an everyday. I have to take a break from the world of fame and media manipulation and take time by myself.

We are screwed-up because we allowed the system to screw us up. But at this time, if we all know the power that we have to create another world, then we can all have a peaceful world. I man is not perfect but its my duty to live a positive life. Sometimes I get into face book so much, and I say, “this is not how I wanna lead my life?” That question will demand an answer from my heart, which is either yes or no. We all make a choice of the world we want to live. We need to ask ourself if we are doing right thing at the right moment?  I value the word “choice” so much. It guides my life and protects me from much troubles. I know if I want to pass my exams, then I need to do one thing. I need to make a “choice” to study hard! We need to make only one choice and we are totally different people.

Now am passing through a moment whereby am the executive director of my organization. I have become a busy man as I need to study, fundraising and give talks at different Universities across America. Professors are inviting me to discuss with their students about my article that appeared on the New York times “Slumdog Tourism.” They all need my time, I need time for myself too.Sometimes I ended up cancelling lunch and coffee meetings with the people that I love. I don’t wanna live like that. So I asked myself, what can I do?  The answer was make a choice! So I made a choice of writing everything down and using my planner and therefore now I can have time for my loved ones and  for my work out exercise. Now am leading a life in a different world that I created. What saved my life was to make a single choice.

If you are passing through hard time in your life, you feel mixed up or your friends are turning against you. I wanna tell you that you need to find one thing and decide to make a choice that will change your life. When relationships are turning sour and no trust anymore– just take a breath and as you might just need to make a choice that will save your relationship. The main idea is to make the right choice, it  be lack of communication that has been affecting your relationship. Those who are searching for life partners for many years without any progress– should ask themselves what choice should they make? Don’t blame anyone or even yourself, you just need to make a choice. Some people have some weired characters that might not be appealing to others. Its better to find the root cause of the problem than having excuses and blames. The worse character to have while dating, is to pretend to know too much and not listening to your partner. Who doesn’t want to be listened at? Even my five years old brother wants attention. Better give your partner attention as its the detergent that cleans the human heart and reflects love.

I hope my readers are going to make  choices in life that will lead them to a better world.

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Black Kennedy!





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  1. Posted by Mary Costa on November 20, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    My daily prayer is for help to make the right choices…but even when my choice turns out to be the wrong one I find comfort in knowing it was made with the right intentions. Thanks Kennedy for your words. I can always find a message in what you say.


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