Blame Game: A dangerous Game

I say often, time wasted will never be recovered and we can’t be productive in our daily life if we keep on blaming each other. I better not blame anyone even if they are the main cause of my suffering in any situation of life. The blame game is a disease and a narrow road that leads to the grave. We better stay away from that disease. Furthermore, the majority of successful people that I’ve come across rarely complains and there complainers are more likely to be unsuccessful.

My life in Kibera slums have been my best experiencing years in my life. It was a sad life and I don’t wanna lie that poor people want to be poor. They are living in poverty situation as there is no other option but to tight their belts on their bellies. Kibera slums has been the best place that I got the a higher diploma of life and on how to relate with the world. I took classes such as “never worry about my body” as long as I can take care of my body. I took many classes in Kibera since I was born until I reached 23 when I graduated and got accepted for another education at Wesleyan University.

I took classes in Kibera about nutrition and how we can survive without enough food and to have food is to be lucky and without food is a normal life. Classes in Kibera cannot be compared to the classes that I undertake at Wesleyan University. Our professor in Kibera was so tough and never joked with anyone, here at Wesleyan my professors are fun to be around. And I had only one professor in Kibera University, compared to the professors that I have here at Wesleyan. I never forgot anything that I learnt from my tough professor in Kibera. I know my readers are eager for me to disclose the name of my professor, but they will be surprised as my ex professor is a famous man.

My professor is known as Prof. Life. The man has taught me a lot and I do appreciate but I’m not ready to be in that class again. I’ll share what I’ve learned from my professor and one of them as the title says, “Blame Game.” I used to live in blame game for a while and I know how it can be destructive and a waste of time.

I used to complain and blame people on my poverty,suffering, lack of better education and hunger. I complained about my government, other corrupted NGO’s that does nothing in Kibera. The more I kept on complaining, the more I suffered more and more. I had to say enough is enough and no more wasting time.

I asked myself, what can I do to change the situation or how can I be part of the change? I started working with young people and we founded SHOFCO as a tool of change. Young people could come together,share their struggles and give hope to each other and we all created a movement that now has a wing at Wesleyan university and its growing in different universities. The idea behind this, is that we never wasted our time in complaining.

We also have to admit that, we can’t be right all the time. I always want to see the world or configure the situations on other peoples eye. We must accept to be challenged in life and we too can hurt others without knowing. If you are always right..right, then my friend you are always wrong and wrong. Comes a time whereby we should listen to other people and interrogate why they feel the way they feel. I say this because if you were in their situation, I bet you could have reacted the same way. So why are you shutting your door and complaining? Most of the time, I’m always ready to be a loser in an argument that can create tension or fight. I know if I win, I lose and if I lose– I win, thats secret arithmetic  of the blame game.

Stay ahead of the game and concentrate with the important things in your life.  We better use our energies on the things that we care about. Our enemies will always make us feel terrible so that we can’t think ahead but we shall not be intimidated as we shall always try to think positively. Life is full with joy but its always hidden and its our duty to find it within ourselves. You can only be a blessing to the world if you feel blessed and admire whom you are.

Let all together think positively by writing down things that we have done in this world that has made other people happy or improved life of others. You better read them everyday of your life when you feel down. Never allow others to define whom you are.


Black Kennedy



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  1. Posted by Marjorie B. Searl on December 2, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Kennedy, I am a new fan of Kibera School and a sponsor of Christine, one of your students. I am very admiring of the work that you all do.
    A website that you may find interesting in regard to your last paragraph is this one:, which encourages doing good and positive living. By doing a variety of ‘feats’ in the course of the day, you earn points that can be applied to rewards, but you can also donate the points to organizations, which I have tried to do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Shining Hope to participate in some way!


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