My Time In Kibera– Kenya

I’m always energized by the people I meet on the ground. I had a great time in Kenya as a reminder of the value of life. I saw how people work hard in life, they wake up early in the morning to meet the rising sun. They are not lazy as many perceive but always working hard on a hot sun but earning little to survive.

I had time to meet the people, listened to their advice and make my own conclusion. It was funny to know that I still retain my nick name of Kibera Mayor. I had many questions to answer, as the questions were challenging. An elderly woman who have known me since I was little boy wanted to know why I don’t have a baby. She asked me that question in front of the audience as people wanted to know the reason. I was told that my age-mates are all having three to six children, and yet am more successful  yet not even a single kid. I didn’t want to blame anyone who had children but I had to defend myself . I replied, “mama, I’m still studying and look how many children am taking care of?.” they all burst into laughing.

Despite all the challenging questions, I had a great time. They inspired me all the time. I was surprised with the setting of the Clinic that now offer heath service to over 60 patients per day. I was touched to see  such kind of facility in Kibera. The people showed how much they love the Clinic, and they kept saying, that they owned that Clinic. They assured me that  our doctors and nurses are good as they respect privacy of the locals. They love them because they don’t speak much English but the local language so they connect. But I was also warned that if my health staff are not respectful, they will just be fired because the Health Center is owned by the Locals. I am happy to know to know that my community feel the ownership.They were impressed also with the idea that the Clinic is named after my fellow student who passed away. Although, they have never met Johanna Justin but they feel her presence and love in Kibera. They want to Johanna’s family to come and celebrate the life with them in Kibera. Johanna’s dream has come true as many life has been saved through the Clinic named after her. An elder said that, “The Clinic is successful because Johanna is happy with what is happening.”  Latter, after the meeting at the Clinic , i had to head to the party that was taking place out side the Community Center that is hosting Marcus Garvey Library and Knowledge Center plus the community hall.

We had big party that more than 4000 people attended with local music on the air. I’m humbled to be accepted by the community even though am one of them but am grateful for being accepted.

I thank the Almighty force and the presence of my great friends who have supported me since I started the journey of giving back to my community. I’m at peace even though am freezing here in America cold. I feel warm when I realize what I’ve done to my community. I’m doing for good heart and i have no intention of political office. Though politics is not the only solution for combating poverty and illiteracy, we can’t ignore the roles that it plays. I will work very closely with the Kenyan Politicians as I believe that Government too has a role to play on the development of any society. But Black Kennedy is not a political material nor ambitious. I’m so happy to play the role of a humanitarian work.

I have receive lots of support but I might not write an email to the individuals who are supporting me. I hope they know how I do pray for them and wishing them the best. I have a long list of people who are supporting us and every morning I wish them long life. If they are thinking and supporting the less-privileged and therefore they need to live long. We are all born with the purpose of making our world better. Few are taking that responsibility while the majority are running away from it. But you can’t run away from the truth and that’s why the runners never find peace. I know the secret of peace: Make a difference = Peace. I am at peace with my life, everyone morning I want life so that other people can live.

I appreciate the gift of free air, and that the same air is free for both rich and the poor. If nature doesn’t discriminate, why do I? If you go against nature, you’ll just be denied peace.

Lets continue walking together in this journey. Shining Hope is open for more volunteers with a mission. There will be  a summer program institute coming this summer.

Black Kennedy


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary Costa on January 23, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    Your heart must feel so full Kennedy…Your dreams are coming true…You are a GOOD MAN!


  2. Posted by Tina Inez Willoughby on November 28, 2011 at 2:46 am

    I stumbled upon your blog Kennedy, and I must say it touched my heart! The time I’ve spent in Kibera changed my life and inspired me to devote my life to helping others! You are an inspiration to all! 🙂 -Inez


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