We are our own enemy

Most of the time people blame their down fall on the plight of their enemies. I realize that the term enemies are always on the spotlight whoever things go wrong in our lives. Whereby on my perspective there is no enemies, rather friends or friends who are jealous of our success. And its not fair to label our ex-friends as enemies. Now I wonder who are our enemies, or are we our own enemy?

Is it possible for someone you don’t know to be jealous of you and always eager for your down fall? It’s not possible, as people who don’t know you well will never be labeled as an enemy.  However sometimes we ourselves fall into patterns that prevent our success. We make excuses, we say “tomorrow,” or we fail to ascribe responsibility to ourselves.

I personally, have no enemies but few friends who became jealous of me, just because of misunderstanding. But, I honestly always try to reach out to them. I reach out to them because it’s a matter of misunderstanding.

I have been painfully attacked emotionally by the people I thought were my friends. I shared every bit of my life with them but later on they turned their back on me. But I have to learn their motives, their motives were  to give me stress and make sure am not productive with my life. I learned a lesson, that they were once my friends, they were once close by my side.  Of course it’s painful when your friend turns against you. We only need to prove to them one point, and the point is “We don’t care” as we shall keep on marching forward with our lives as if nothing has happened.  I have learned that people can be meaningful friends at one point in time, and then that point ends.  We have both learned from each other, but there a time to move on with peace.

The only way to make a jealous person happy is by stressing your self as that what they really want from you. They want to make your life hard. But I have also found a solution on how to cherish the love we get from our loved ones. I have been uplifted emotionally by people I perceived as friends. I have been meeting new people in my life who I admire. I have great friends in my life, I am not alone as my friends are always at the door step of my heart.

Why waste time with people who are just eying for our down fall and yet we have friends who wants to see prosperity attached to our lives. My dream is not to harm anyone, but see good and happiness to humanity.

Lets enjoy life and do away with people who are just thinking with the mentality that always sees the bad.  Let’s surround ourselves with people who see the good in us and in the world.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary Costa on February 5, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    I am glad that regardless of what happened with other people that we are friends…I have ALWAYS been a strong supporter of you and your endeavours. I respect you and your contributions to society.


  2. Stay Strong Kennedy!


  3. easier said than done bro..
    when some loved one backstabs you…the pain is too much…i know we should move on in life…but still it is easier said than done…no disrespect to you….evey person is different…and not everyone can adapt to change in in situations….:(


    • Posted by Emma on July 24, 2012 at 3:37 pm

      Aishwarya I feel you man but take my word for this . . . I have and to a degree am still like you and were you are in dealing with betrayal,duplicity,back stabbing deceivers but have come to believe if you let them change you esp into what they are . . . then they get what they want and win!They are haters that are snatching and tearing at you because they are miserable jealous unhappy people and want you to be the same.My Mother said the way evil takes over is for good people to become complaisant and do nothing.Stand up for who you are that they are not and they will never win.


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