Journeying With My Empress: The Lioness

My journey has been full of joy,sadness, laughter and pain but I keep on moving-on with life. In this journey, my dreams have come true and coming true everyday. I wake up each morning with new achievements and dreams day. I man feel blessed and just wanna be humbled, observing and getting wiser as that is the secret of peacefulness. This blog is another celebration as it has hit thousands of viewers and hundreds each-day. It is being read by the intellectuals, ghetto youths and all sorts of people as I want to share and uplift the souls. It’s a tool of spreading hope, love and ways of learning as we keep on with the journey in our life. If we can’t decide what to read, then the system will decide for us what to read. Each time you set your eye on the television and magazines you see what they want you to see. Whats makes me uncomfortable is the way they want to shape our minds and life style. They say, “If you can’t be slim, you are ugly.” I wonder how do they define beautifulness? Why can’t they remind us on doing body and mind fitness for healthy life. We need to be continuousness and open minded to see past the naked eye.

I man feel blessed to have a strong Lioness the Empress by my side. Jessica a wise and thoughtful person who is also ready to face any challenge in life. Together we create a powerful battalion that is unshakable. I man is just a man, and without the Empress, I could not have been where I am. Always good to have someone who understands you better, someone who cannot judge, and someone who focused beyond material world. Jessica is a gift to my community in Kibera and all stake holders of Shining Hope for Communities. She knew how much I love Kibera and she supported my dreams and not uprooting a man from his community, instead she rooted the man in his community. She draws me nearer and closer to my culture,spiritual life and happiness that outshines joyousness. I can’t describe how I view her as I don’t see any blackness, whiteness, greenness or redness. But I see love in her, I see peace and positive energy.

I’m also thankful for my friends, mentors and SHOFCO Wesleyan for being there for me all the time. Recently, I made great friendship with people of Austin, and also having time with my Echoing Green family which has been so supportive. I believe we can all make a change in different ways. We all have talents that can be used in a good way to uplift humanity. We can’t wait for the system to tell us what to do. Gandhi once said, “Change is within,” and therefore  We are march forward and backward never!





2 responses to this post.

  1. This is so beautiful. I love how you recognize Jessica with poetic imagery.
    You are many things Kennedy including a powerful writer.


  2. Posted by kibet on February 6, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    you are a great inspiration to many people


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